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This project was born as an extension of an existing Club. We worked with a space that was set to house a live performance stage, with open seating, and impeccable decor. We had to design elegance out of the rough edges of what was available, within the humble budgets at hand. Putting our minds to […]

OM Convention

Design is meant to be loved, to make you inexplicably feel something. When we were met with the challenge of reviving this site, our philosophy was simple. We would design something that would make the people around the space feel something beautiful. This wedding convention center needed to be relooked at with more love, and […]

Sixth Element Resort, Coorg

The rare location, the lush greenery, the intimate view of the river, and the luxurious cottages with private pool made this project a dream to create. We used natural stones and supported our design vision with the natural beauty of the property. An all-wooden shed was built overlooking the river, bringing the onlooker a sense […]


A haven for your events, intimate gatherings and moments of celebration, JRC was designed with white being the star of the colour palette to maintain an open demeanour for people to be able to use the space with the freedom to create an experience of their choosing, without being constrained by the striking nature of […]

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