For a seasoned traveler like our client, creating her haven in the apartment of her dreams, that perfectly resonated with her creative persona, and captured her modern eclectic aesthetic was a really interesting project for us.

The furniture in the formal living area brings in the illusion of broader spaces, and the asymmetrically placed coffee table makes sure the room looks expansive. The ceiling is enhanced with the multi-grooving design, further accentuated in muted white.

We used our creative side with the global aesthetic, our unabashed love of blues and grey, floral carpeting and so much more. We built focal points that would leave a lasting impression in the living space, with the multi-beveled mirrors that perfectly enhanced the bold blue textured panel, breaking through the design, creating magic and symmetry all at once.

So much of the furniture in rooms and chairs were inspired by the rustic vibe of the Mediterranean countryside, and refurbished from family homes and the owner’s old space.

The master bed perfectly captured the outdoors to indoors connect, while one of the other rooms was given a customized vintage industrial barn door, for a dramatic entrance. The grey curtains in the dining area symbolized a revival of retro style with an eclectic blend, and wholly beige color walls complemented with vintage blue upholstery, the whites brought in a much needed openness to the spaces. We made sure that we played with texture and symmetry all around to create this slice of perfection.

The design of this house is an expression, an aide-memoire- connecting us back to our identity.