Vizag Villa

Vizag Villa

Vizag Villa

Balance is the key to all design, and most often, it is contrast that brings balance with it. We used a neutral palette in our project and chose to bring forth the beauty of this contoured land with Nature by our side.

The grand façade, wrapped in greys and browns was built primarily using stone, and we balanced the coloured monotony from the stony structure with elements of wood, making sure the two complemented each other effortlessly. The night brings out a lovely play of lights in the opening, and creates an interesting illusion, starkly contrasting to what the façade appears to be in the day.

An artful balance of stone and wood has been maintained throughout the home space. The intuitive usage of stone keeps the villa cooler in the scorching Indian summers and maintains a nice chill in the winters.

From a welcoming Baby Vinayaka at the entrance, and the other intuitively places sculptural elements across the villa were designed to invoke an array of moods. The Buddha statue in the Foyer symbolizes protection.

The terrace garden has been consciously designed keeping in mind open, empathetic spaces between rooms and an appearance that exudes naturalistic vibes. A regal manicured garden, stunning bar counter, and a mesmerizing outdoor terrace that opens right outside to a family lounge. We created a perfect area for the client to unwind and kick back with friends. The exquisite metal and wood lattice work on the wall behind the bar counter draws attention to itself, accentuating the décor.

The majestic lady of nature, looking up trying to capture the whole universe inside of her as a piece of statement-worthy art was created in the Entrance Foyer. A much-needed respite of green midst a sandy landscape that surrounded the home. The breakout space, a minimalistic patch of green, deftly accentuates the interplay between light & shadows. This was created as a modern-day homage to traditional Indian homes and their open-to-sky plans.

Complementing elements, matching our client’s philosophy and intuitive design thinking made this villa a dream design project for us.