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The Jungle Book

This Contemporary Jungle Book Inspired By the Serene Grazing of a Stag in the Hues of Twilight. To a Herd of Exuberant Elephants Valiantly Trekking Down The Lush Terrains of The Jungle. It Encapture the Tropical Beauty of the Rain Forest With the Green Stone Wall


For a seasoned traveler like our client, creating her haven in the apartment of her dreams, that perfectly resonated with her creative persona, and captured her modern eclectic aesthetic was a really interesting project for us. The furniture in the formal living area brings in the illusion of broader spaces, and the asymmetrically placed coffee […]


This project was born as an extension of an existing Club. We worked with a space that was set to house a live performance stage, with open seating, and impeccable decor. We had to design elegance out of the rough edges of what was available, within the humble budgets at hand. Putting our minds to […]

Vizag Villa

Balance is the key to all design, and most often, it is contrast that brings balance with it. We used a neutral palette in our project and chose to bring forth the beauty of this contoured land with Nature by our side. The grand façade, wrapped in greys and browns was built primarily using stone, […]

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